Friday, January 29, 2016

How Bedbug Infestations Occur

  1. Bedbugs are gifted hitchhikers.
    It only takes one fertile female or a few tiny eggs to adhere to a suitcase, a backpack, or the bags and cases we all carry around with us. It can be local or international travel. Bedbugs can come from a hotel, even one of the nicer ones, a house where one of the kids spent the night, or visitors to your home who picked up a bedbug hitchhiker without realizing it.

  2. Buying/accepting a used mattress, bedding, or furniture.
    Even a well-meaning friend or acquaintance may not be able to say, with absolute certainty, that a secondhand item is bedbug-free.

  3. They frequently lay eggs in cracks and crevices.
    They have, however, been found all over houses. They drop off of infested furniture that is moved, when the bedding is being changed and carried through the house, and so on. If an egg or insect gets on your children's stuffed toys, pillows, or blankets, and they move to other rooms because they are being bitten, they may be inadvertently spreading the bedbugs. They may even take them to grandma's house when they visit.

  4. Bedbugs thrive where people are in close quarters.
    Places with lots of stuff (clutter) and a constant stream of people coming and going are more prone to infestation. Apartments, offices and condos are at higher risk because of the fluctuation of population, movement of furnishings, and the fact that bedbugs can travel in the void between the walls. Whole apartment buildings have been infested when someone takes an infested mattress down to the dumpster, dropping eggs or insects all along the way.

    Bed Bugs In An Office
  5. The people or places that have bedbugs cannot be stereotyped.
    Bedbugs do not discriminate; they can be found in any neighborhood, and a place does not have to be dirty to be at risk for bedbug infestation. They can be found virtually anywhere: in private homes, nursing homes, hotels, many apartments, and condos. Reports across the country indicate that no place is beyond their reach, including office buildings, schools, and firehouses. Bedbugs will follow their food, humans, wherever they may go.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Why Chose Guardian As Your Facility Provider?

Jonathan Kessler, Senior Vice President, Sales

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Window Cleaning For 2016!

 Guardian Window Cleaning!

Window cleaning used to be something of a craft in which specialists on ladders would work hard to produce a streak-free finish using a detergent solution and a sgueegee. But factors such as speed, efficiency, safety and sustainability have become increasingly important and perhaps even more valued than craftsmanship.

Guardian is one of the region’s largest, fully insured and licensed window washing companies servicing the Northeast since 1918; we carry excess liability umbrella insurance and statutory workman’s compensation insurance. All of our window washers are state certified professionals expertly trained to provide the safest and most cost-effective method of window cleaning to ensure the highest quality of service possible for all commercial and residential customers.
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Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Removal In New York City

 Snow Removal

While snow is falling, complaints are not accepted for snowy or icy sidewalks. After the snow stops falling, if you are a property owner, you must clear snow and ice on your sidewalk to create a path for pedestrians. You must also remove snow and ice from sidewalks next to bus stops and hydrants.

Snow Removal
 If snowfall ends:
  • Between 7 AM and 5 PM, sidewalks must be cleared within 4 hours.
  • Between 5 PM and 9 PM, sidewalks must be cleared within 14 hours.
  • Between 9 PM and 7 AM, sidewalks must be cleared by 11 AM.
You may receive a summons for failing to clear the sidewalks within these timeframes.
You can make a complaint about snow or ice on sidewalks in front of private property after property owners have had an appropriate amount of time to clear their sidewalks.
You can also make a complaint at any time about snow or ice on sidewalks in front of public property, such as bus stop shelters, park paths, or schools.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Guardian Prepares For WInter Storms - Jan. 2016

Know the Difference

Winter Storm Outlook - Winter storm conditions are possible in the next 2 to 5 days.

Winter Weather Advisory - Winter weather conditions are expected to cause significant inconveniences and may be hazardous. When caution is used, these situations should not be life threatening.

Winter Storm Watch - Winter storm conditions are possible within the next 36 to 48 hours. People in a watch area should review their winter storm plans and stay informed about weather conditions.

Winter Storm Warning - Life-threatening, severe winter conditions have begun or will begin within 24 hours. People in a warning area should take precautions immediately.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snow Removal...Is Just One Thing We Do!

Guardian Janitorial Services combines today’s technology with more than 90 years of innovative experience. That means we can offer you a full range of solutions based on your individual needs. We customize our cleaning service to meet the needs of commercial properties, residential communities/buildings, financial institutions, retail locations, academia and municipal buildings.
Some of our specialized janitorial services include:
  • Carpet care
  • Clean room services
  • Computer room cleaning
  • Construction clean up
  • Document disposal
  • Escalator cleaning
  • General maintenance
  • Green cleaning
  • Hard surface floor care
  • Inventory control
  • LEED Accredited Professionals
  • Light industrial
  • Medical waste disposal
  • Metal, Marble Wood Restoration
  • Matting programs
  • Pressure washing
  • Recycling services
  • Restroom sanitation
  • Supply management
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Route based crews
  • Post construction clean-up
  • Window Treatment
All janitorial services companies may appear similar, but there is a Guardian difference –
  • Over 90 years of experience; established 1918
  • Full range of building, commercial, residential and academia cleaning services.
  • 100% commitment to Green Cleaning! Guardian consistently leads the field in initiating the use of more efficient cleaning approaches. This includes environmentally responsible chemicals, enhanced vacuum filtration systems; light weight maneuverable equipment and an ongoing investment in specialty equipment.
  • Expertise in a cross section of industries, ranging from commercial, residential, institutional, transportation hubs and academia.
  • Stringent hiring and selection process, coupled with ongoing training/education.
  • Technology, that enables 24/7/365 ‘real time’ communication with customers, staff and
From general maintenance to carpet cleaning to post-construction clean-up, Guardian Service Industries has your entire commercial and residential cleaning services needs covered.
Please contact us for a quote -

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Thursday, January 14, 2016


Matthew Bressler, Vice President, Lighting & Window Washing declares "the days of humming bulbs came to an end with the creation of LEDs, so there's no need to lose sanity listening to the thrum, tick, or ping of other light bulbs."

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