Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fall Pest Control Tips

 As the seasons change and the weather gets cooler rodents, especially mice, are looking for warmth.

Tips on how to keep mice out

1. Keep the mice outside
Eliminate points of entry and easy access from outside. A mouse can squeeze itself into an small areas, if you can fit a pencil into a crack a mouse can also get through. One you identify the cracks use cooper or steel wool as a sealant because mice cannot chew through it.
2. Use mouse traps
You can find a variety of traps to use, but the most popular are the classic snap-traps. Use way more traps than you think you need. Also lay different types of traps with different types of bait. Use bait traps, multiple-capture live traps and glue traps in conjunction with the wooden traps.

3. Place the mouse traps along the wall

Place the traps perpendicular to the walls, with the trigger section facing the baseboard. Since mice run along the wall, it causes the mouse to run directly into the bait. 

4. Keep food out of reach

Mice are very athletic and can jump and crawl almost anywhere. Make sure to store food in glass jars or airtight containers. Your garbage could be attracting them so take it out at least once a day. Wipe down counters and vacuum your floors because even small crumbs can be a food source keeping mice alive. 
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fall HVAC Preventive Maintenance Tips

1. Replacement of Your HVAC System

You should consider the age of your heating system before you do anything. Heating systems that are more than 10years old are only 50-60 % efficient. Therefore, you should consider replacing the whole HVAC system. Today, gas furnaces available in the market boast of efficiency ratings that are as high as 97%.

2. Clean or Replace Air Filters
Dirty HVAC filters restrict airflow and reduce the entire efficiency of the HVAC system. If you have not cleaned or changed the air filters of your system for a while, now is the perfect time to do it. This should be done on a monthly basis.

3. Adjust the Supply Register
Remember, cold air falls and hot air rises. So when the weather cools, you should open a few of the supply register on the first floor and close a few on the second floor. This will facilitate the heating of your commercial building in a more efficient way.

4. Calibrate the Thermostat
Correct calibration greatly enhances the efficiency of your heating.

5. Investing in a Programmable Thermostat
A programmable thermostat enables you to manipulate the cooling and heating of your office building. So you can easily set the thermostat at different temperatures for different times of the day. Use of this type of thermostat reduces the heating cost by 20-75%.

6. Professional HVAC Inspection
A professional contractor should inspect your HVAC system at least twice a year. The inspection is meant to detect any potential problems and ensure that the HVAC system is working as efficiently as possible. The HVAC inspection involves checking filters, inspecting electrical switches, belts, contacts, motors, safety switches, gas pressure, and refrigerant levels.

7. HVAC Maintenance Agreement
Fall HVAC maintenance agreement is a great way to keep your system at peak performance. Having an HVAC maintenance agreement not only gives you the advantage of priority service in the event of system failure, but also ensures that your checkups are done on schedule. This agreement will help you savemoney in the long run.

Winter HVAC Maintenance

The demand for HVAC systems increases as winter sets in. Therefore, you should always have your system inspected by a licensed HVAC professional contractor. A well-maintained system is highly efficient in both energy consumption and functionality and prevents costly repairs and replacements.

Kind of Winter HVAC Maintenance You Should Do

Even though energy bills are unavoidable during winter periods, below are some ways you can use to save some money:
• Be sure to seal any energy leaks around windows, doors, and other openings
• Ensure that the vents and ducts are clean, and air is circulating freely
• Maintain a regular annual maintenance schedule
• Use curtains to help keep warm air in
• Ensure that your thermostat is working properly

What to Watch for When Doing Winter HVAC Maintenance

You should always watch out for these signs that could indicate your systems inefficiency even if you have your regular system inspection:
• Higher energy bills than expected
• Inconsistent air-flow from the systems’ ducts
• Dirty air filters that need regular replacement
• Ductwork issues, e.g., peeling tapes
• Significant temperature differences between rooms

Importance of Winter Maintenance Program

Below are some benefits of performing regular maintenance on an HVAC system:
• Ensure safety and comfort of your home.
• The program maintains your warranty
• Efficient functioning of your HVAC system
Having regular maintenance on your HVAC system has numerous benefits for you. You will be able to save a lot of money in the long run due to the improved efficiency in both performance and energy consumption.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Guardian's Engineering & Operations Service

Guardian offers a variety of building maintenance and repair services to provide you with trained and experienced personnel to implement services and achieve cost savings. Guardian’s senior management holds over 100+ years’ experience in the design, operations and maintenance of various types of facilities, inclusive of transportation hubs, data centers, corporate headquarters and public buildings.

Our approach includes developing a tailored plan that addresses the specific needs of your facilities, which assures the achievement of your objectives and generates immediate and cumulative cost savings.
We’ve gained a reputation as a premier service provider in the industry, and have developed a solid reputation for creating innovative building management and energy performance solutions. This includes retrofits and replacements of older, less efficient systems with newer, high efficiency systems.
Additionally, our on site management and engineering staff have the experience to operate and maintain all types of mechanical systems, including Package units, Chiller/Boiler Plants and Absorbers.
Our services keep you up and running! With experience in multiple LEED projects and energy intensive markets, we will propose and implement environmentally sound practices on all your projects.
  • Electrical
  • Energy Consulting
  • Facility Management
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Fixed Savings Plans
  • Handyman Services
  • HVAC, Mechanical
  • LEED Consulting
  • Lighting Design
  • Lighting Maintenance Services
  • Maintenance, Repairs & Operations
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Plumbing, Carpentry & Locksmith
  • Proactive Planned Maintenance
  • Sustainable Design
  • Troubleshooting & Interfacing
  • Utility Analysis

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How to implement a green cleaning strategy

A successful program means more than using environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

By Paul Wildenberg
Facility managers who are trying to implement a green cleaning strategy typically wait until the new year to do so. The best way to start any green cleaning program is by building a team. Green cleaning involves not only building managers, but also requires effort from distributors servicing the facility, cleaning crews and building users.
Building a team
When forming a ‘green team,’ facility managers should consider what contribution each team member can make. Often, a team member is passionate about green issues and has the best of intentions, but is not skilled enough in building operations to lend much to the program’s success.
Also, when seeking to add tenants to the team, managers should be sure that they understand what kind of commitment will likely be required for the project. Otherwise, they may drop out for lack of time, and these disruptions can negatively impact the entire process.
Defining a program’s scope
One of the first issues the newly founded green team must address is the scope of the program. In some facilities, green cleaning is limited to products, equipment and strategies.
However, some facilities go further and include such measures as: introducing environmentally responsible pest-management programs; starting or expanding recycling programs; composting; and energy, water and fuel reductions.
If this is a facility’s first venture into green and sustainable strategies, it should start with the low-hanging fruit — green cleaning products and equipment — and expand the scope once that program is running successfully.
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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Guardian Security Services – Overview

Who Needs a Security Guard?

Our job isn’t to appraise what you produce, how you produce it, or whom you sell to. We believe every business is entitled to function safely and without threat of damages or loss. At our core, we are intensely interested in keeping you and your business secure. A few of our typical clients include:
  • Hotels
  • Retail Stores
  • 24-hour businesses
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Residential Communities
  • Airports
Virtually any place of business can benefit from our security protection and we can tailor that to the proper safety that your business needs. Full customization of security guard schedules, presentation (plainclothes or uniform?), and equipment means that this security feature caters to the image you have cultivated for your business, and makes this a necessity for the safety of your assets.

What Can Security Guards Do?

We understand that each of our client’s needs are unique. That is why our security guards are trained to provide a variety of services. Some of the things we offer include:


You may want to establish a security guard service that does more than patrol. You may need someone to review surveillance or even walk employees or customers to their vehicles after hours. A security guard can help defend a number of aspects of your business that doesn’t involve simply walking around the perimeter (although, that can certainly be an option as well!). It boils down to asking yourself what are your security needs? We have years of experience in creating the ideal protection package by asking the questions no one else thinks to ask. We find the weak links in your armor and, instead of attempting to hide them, actually find ways to fix them.


Hiring a security company as part of your overall safety plan will go a long way in preventing criminals from targeting you. Unfortunately, businesses are a target for vandalism and theft. A secure presence will certainly discourage criminal activity and help your business keep a safe reputation. Guardian recognizes the line between creating a crime-free zone (like a prison cell) and a place wherein crime is significantly deterred all the while business is still encouraged. Your business is not a jail cell, it shouldn’t feel or behave like one. There should be a balance between safety and claustrophobia. Our experience in protecting businesses means we know where that line is for your business.


The security guards from Guardian are top of the line. We train our professionals to handle crimes that range from theft, violence, vandalism—and everything in between. We want our clients to feel confident when they call on our services; they get the most competent people in the industry. We understand that quality service means constantly evolving with the changes that occur in society. That is why our personnel is required to continue training and implement those new security techniques in their positions. Our constant and consistent training does not stop at physical reactions to physical crimes. Our personnel are trained in everything from reading surveillance and interpreting body language and micro expressions to categorizing anonymous threats and responding to the newest trends of criminal activity in the age of the Internet. Just as you and your business change and evolve with time, so too do our security guards — by remaining adaptable at all times.


It has been proven that the presence of a security guard actually offers people a sense of safety. People simply feel better when they know that a trained professional is keeping an eye out. As a business owner, it lets you know that someone else also has your best interest in mind. When you succeed, we know that we have succeeded as well. It’s a win-win from both sides of the spectrum.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

100 Clean Energy Communities and Counting in New York State

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s (NYSERDA) Clean Energy Communities (CEC) program is flourishing, with now 100 communities becoming certified and hundreds more still getting state support to reduce energy waste, cut emissions and combat climate change. The program, launched last August, helps local communities develop and implement clean energy goals, provides important technical assistance and tools, and awards incentives to invest in additional clean energy initiatives once communities implement four high impact action items and receive their CEC designation. Local governments do not always have capacity and technical expertise to tackle the full spectrum of clean energy and climate issues; state programs like CEC help facilitate action and can serve as a model for other state-local partnerships across the country.
The CEC program is innovative, pragmatic and builds on best practices from across the country to encourage effective local action. Having been in place for less than two years, a total of 100 counties, towns, and villages have already received their CEC designation. And more than 240 communities are participating in the program. These communities range from bustling cities like White Plains, to suburban communities like Huntington, to small villages like Falconer. In total, these local jurisdictions have completed more than 645 high impact action items, ranging from converting their streetlights to lower energy consuming LED bulbs to installing electric vehicle charging stations at city hall to streamlining the approval process for new solar installations. NYSERDA has created a user-friendly map documenting the participating communities, showcasing the popularity of the program across the state and the wide variety of high impact action items that these communities are undertaking.
One of those action items is a requirement that buildings benchmark and annually report their energy use. Benchmarking buildings is a high-value, low-cost efficiency strategy, which is the foundation of effective building energy management, enabling owners to understand their buildings’ performance, identify energy efficiency opportunities, and save money. As part of CEC, many of New York’s communities have created requirements for reporting energy use of public buildings, and we expect that their example will help encourage private building owners around the state who also want to save money and improve their buildings’ performance.

NRDC’s new report, America’s Clean Energy Frontier: The Pathway to a Safer Climate Futureoutlines how the U.S. can curb greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050, largely by substantial increases in clean energy, noting the important contributions from actions at the local level.  As more and more communities around the country sign on to meet the commitments of the Paris agreement (including 26 in New York State), these local jurisdictions must be empowered with the information and tools needed to implement the policies and programs to achieve these goals. For the whole article click here

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Are “Green” Buildings Killing Us?

They might be energy efficient, but that doesn’t mean they’re free of toxic chemicals.

Does calling a building “green” mean it’s healthy? Not according to researchers from the nonprofit research institution Silent Spring, who found dozens of harmful chemicals in newly renovated, LEED-certified low-income public housing in Boston. While some of these chemicals came from outside products the residents brought when they moved in–like cleaning supplies, beauty products, and even furniture–many others came from the building itself.
“We often slap this word ‘green’ in front of things and assume that means something,” says Robin Dodson, the lead author on the paper who studies chemical exposure at Silent Spring. “It was renovated according to ‘green’ standards, and if you could see me, I’m putting that word in quotes.”
The researchers at Silent Spring aren’t alone in calling attention to the harmful chemicals in building materials. The U.S. Green Building Council has come under fire from researchers in the past for presenting a false assurance of health and safety in its LEED-certified buildings. Meanwhile, Google is building a green materials database and decision-making tool meant to make our buildings less poisonous. Dodson’s research, which took years to complete, is a glimpse into an aspect of green architecture about which little is known.
In 2013, Dodson and her team took air-quality samples at a low-income public housing development in Boston that was being renovated to achieve the LEED certification. It presented the perfect chance for the researchers to test the apartments’ air quality before anyone moved in, and then after residents were occupying each space. The comparison was crucial, since it helped distinguish which chemicals came from external products and which came from the building. They tested for almost 100 different chemicals including phthalates (commonly found in nail polish remover), flame retardants, pesticides, and formaldehyde, which have a variety of adverse health effects like hormone disruption, reproductive disorders, lower IQ, asthma, and cancer.
Ultimately, the researchers found harmful flame retardants, including a carcinogen that can cause lower fertility in men, that appeared to come from building materials. Meanwhile, another flame retardant found in their tests had been banned from use in 2005, but was likely used in an old piece of furniture that a resident brought into their new apartment–an example of how pervasive harmful chemicals can be once they’re used. The scariest finding: In all 37 tests they did, the researchers found formaldehyde–coming from the building and from the residents–that exceeded safe levels determined by the EPA. Formaldehyde is used in a wide range of products and building materials, and it’s been shown to cause cancer in lab animals. High exposure might also cause cancer in humans.
Dodson argues the study is proof that the building industry needs to dramatically shift how it thinks about health as an element of sustainability. “Green building standards need to do a better job thinking about the chemicals and materials being used,” Dodson says. “Why not be more comprehensive in your thinking? It’s not just about energy efficiencies–are we improving health?” 
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Monday, October 2, 2017

Guardian's Concierge/Front Desk Ambassador Service

Our concierge services go far beyond those offered by more traditional concierge companies. Our reputation for going that extra mile, combined with our years of experience mean our clients can relax, knowing even the tiniest details are being taken care of.
We have worked hard to ensure that we have the very best concierge services. Every one of our highly trained employees receives comprehensive training in aiding and meeting all the needs of your staff and your residents alike.
Training involves all aspects of front desk duties, such as: properly greeting tenant and guests in a cheerful welcoming manner, assisting with all reasonable requests, becoming an integral part of the property, answering questions, serving as a general presence and visible deterrent to infractions; detecting suspicious activities reporting all incidents, accidents or medical emergencies to the building property manager.
In addition, our concierge team wear distinctive uniforms bearing our logo and name, varying from venue to venue but always looking highly presentable, clean and visible for people who may be looking for them. The next time you find yourself in need of the finest concierge services, contact Guardian. We are one of the top concierge companies for a reason. #Concierge