Thursday, October 20, 2016

Guardian Security Covering You 24/7/365

Chances are your business doesn’t specialize in security; that’s why you’re here. Let Guardian's Security Specialists help you find the right security solution for your business. 

Unsure of which security solutions can help meet your specific business needs? How access control can help limit your chances of becoming a victim of internal theft? Why accurate intrusion detection is critical to your business security? 

About Guardian Security 

Guardian Security Services has decades of experience providing property security services for building owners, managers and residential communities across the Northeast.
Using technology and process innovations, we create operating plans for you that are requirement focused and cost effective. In fact, all of Guardian’s solutions — whether security, access control, video surveillance or an integrated system — are custom designed based on your individual requirements and budget.
Whether you’re a property management company, a financial institution, a retail center, a residential community, a school, a medical/pharma facility, or any other organization, Guardian designs and deploy custom security services that target and fulfill all of your requirements.
Guardian offers a broad range of custom commercial and residential security services, including:
·         Uniformed and unarmed security services
·         Background checks and screenings services
·         24/7/365 Dispatch Center
·         Security trained support personnel
·         Workplace violence solutions

·         Mobile and foot patrol

Contact us and let us assess your needs.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Guardian's Janitorial Solution – Green Goals & Strategies

Green Goals & Strategies

Does your Janitorial partner have a Green Policy in place to clean your Hard Floors and maintain your carpets? 

Guardian does. Did you know our floor and carpet maintenance program is designed to use few, or no, harmful chemicals; remove and eliminate irritating dust, dirt and other contaminants; and protect and preserve floors? Isn't time you partnered with a Janitorial firm with proven Green Goals and Strategies? 

Guardian's Janitorial Solution – Green Goals & Strategies

Guardian has a Policy and Plan which addresses environmental best practices for cleaning the interior of all Facilities Operations managed interiors. Specifically, it addresses purchasing sustainable cleaning, hard-floor and carpet products, and entryway systems; procuring sustainable cleaning equipment; developing and implementing standard operating procedures for effective cleaning; promoting and improving hand hygiene; developing guidelines for handling cleaning chemicals; developing staffing and employee training requirements; collecting and addressing occupant feedback; and establishing procedures for use of chemical concentrates and dilution systems.

The goal of our Green Cleaning Policy and Plan is to reduce the exposure of building occupants and maintenance personnel to potentially hazardous chemical, biological and particle contaminants, which adversely impact air quality, health, building finishes, building systems and the environment.

Contact us for more details!

Guardian Service Industries Inc.  |  Facility Solution Provider
55 Water Street | New York, NY 10041

Friday, October 14, 2016

Millennials wanting to live in NYC need to get real

Today's twenty-somethings take an idealistic, impractical approach to finding housing in the Big Apple

For the city that never sleeps, it is pretty expensive to find a place to sleep.
This is especially true for nearly all recent college graduates relocating to the Big Apple. New York may be the greatest city in the world (depending on which Uber driver you ask) but it is handcuffed to the nation’s highest cost of living.

Millennials don’t want to be in affordable housing; they want luxury housing at an affordable price and have been prioritizing it in that order. This discrepancy explains the lack of realistic options in Manhattan for the newest members of America’s workforce. Young adults, myself included, clearly place too much of a premium on chic apartments and hip locations. After sacrificing four years of sleep for partying and studying, we are looking for apartments to reflect our newfound professional and urban lifestyle while grossly overpaying to do so.
It is no secret that New York City housing is expensive, thanks in part to high salaries, cheap transportation and ample careers opportunities. Rents have skyrocketed in recent years, which is great news for developers and property owners, but terrible for everyone else. As of July, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city was $2,852 while a two-bedroom set you back $3,653. These steep prices are even higher when you take the less favorable areas out of the equation.
Recent college grads in New York City are actually making less than they were five years ago after accounting for inflation, yet apartment prices continue to rise. Rent outgrowing income is unsustainable; the average Manhattan resident now puts roughly half of his post-tax income toward housing. One sliver of hope is that recent census data showed income slightly outpaced rent (2.4% to 2%) last year.
For those seeking manageable alternatives, the options are limited. The city recently experimented with micro-unit apartments in a development called Carmel Place in Kips Bay. To do so the city waived a clause in the housing code that requires new units be at least 400 square feet.
When Carmel Place opened earlier this year it was greeted with much enthusiasm and optimism. Initially thought to exemplify the future of Manhattan real estate, at least for young people, Carmel Place has received mixed reviews from several major publications. The largest knock is that with a starting asking price of $2,562 for active listings, the micro-units don’t exactly have a micro-price tag.
While the concept of micro-units provides promise, the potential for larger profit margins will always keep costs as high as demand allows. The only way to prevent supply and demand setting a market price for micro-units would be for the government to establish a rent maximum.
Clearly, demand in the city is driving these exorbitant rents and there is no realistic immediate solution. My advice to fellow Millennials: lower your expectations and look at finding roommates, subletting, or moving to more affordable areas (Queens, the Bronx, parts of Brooklyn, northern Manhattan). There is no shame in saving some money by “roughing it” for a year or two.
Richard Agran is a recent graduate of Loyola University Maryland's Sellinger School of Business. He aspires to become a real estate developer in New York City.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Window Cleaning, Hard Water Stain Removal & High Pressure Cleaning

Window Cleaning
Get clean, sparkling windows backed by service and support from property maintenance experts. We help you plan your cleaning schedule far in advance to ensure the building looks fantastic and you stay on budget. As the work is performed, you have an on-call point of contact and the assurance of minimal disruption to your tenants.

Hard Water Stain Removal
When hard water dries on glass, the mineral deposits left behind build up to leave stains on the surface. If left for too long, they can even cause permanent damage to your windows.

We use safe, effective methods of removing these mineral stains to restore windows to their original condition. For best results, quickly address the source of your hard water stains—a leak in the building, maybe—or schedule periodic cleaning with our team.

High Pressure Cleaning
High-pressure cleaning removes dirt, grease, oil, and gum build up from sidewalks, walkways, and courtyards. Pressure washing done well removes substances without damaging the underlying surface, leaving high-traffic areas looking attractive and safe for use.

Regulations require compliance with Zero Water Discharge laws and water usage regulations. We use a state-of-the-art water reclamation and recycling systems that help you meet the most stringent environmental standards. Any water used for cleaning is 100% reclaimed (and none goes to storm drains).

Monday, October 10, 2016


Winter’s coming quick, but exterior restoration is still being done! 

We all know that these Tri-State winters can be brutal, and it’s coming up pretty quick on us. Halloween is just around the corner already! Winter’s coming quick, but exterior restoration is still being done.

Get your exterior restoration projects done before winter! If you have any work that you’ve been putting off, make sure that you at least get it looked at before that thermometer drops. Don’t forget, we do free inspections and provide free assessments.

About Metal, Marble & Wood Restoration

Guardian offers a full range of restoration and maintenance services in metal, stone and wood products for commercial, industrial, historic and residential customers. We understand that preserving the aesthetic beauty of your facility/property is your number one priority, and with over 96 years’ experience, our expertise in ornamental metal, marble and wood restoration is respected throughout the industry.
Our metal, marble and wood services include:
·         Metal Restoration, Finishing & Refinishing, Oxidation, Polishing, Cleaning, Painting
·         Marble/Stone Restoration, Repair, Sanding, Grinding, Refinishing, Cleaning, Sealing, Polishing and Honing
·         Wood Restoration, Repair, Stripping, Staining, Lacquering and Painting
·         Graffiti & Vandalism Removal
·         Architectural Restoration
·         Historic Conservation & Restoration
·         Scratch Removal
·         Sculpture Maintenance

·         Ongoing Maintenance Services

Guardian Service Industries Inc.  |  Facility Solution Provider
55 Water Street | New York, NY 10041

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Facility Management - Guardian, Your Partner

Are you looking for a “partner” to help facilitate your buildings and/or residential community’s needs? We see how commercial cleaning is done in NYC, NJ and CT and took that “standard” to a whole new level.  With Guardian, you will always have the “right” partner.

 From initial meetings, Guardian is proven to be professionally flexible, experienced and dedicated to exceeding the goals you lay out for us! Our experience across all aspects of facility operations, including janitorial, window washing and pest control have been a large part of our success.  From ownership down, we have a true desire to “change how commercial and residential buildings are cleaned.” 

About Guardian
With close to 100 years’ experience in commercial and residential janitorial and security services, Guardian has the leadership, organization and expertise to add unprecedented value and deliver impeccable service to your facilities!
Guardian is CIMS Green Building certified with honors by the ISSA – Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association and our management team includes LEED Certified professionals that have helped preeminent facilities achieve LEED certification.
Premier companies, government authorities, and global hubs of transportation rely on our services and the quality of our deliverables to maintain safe, secure, green and clean facilities. In fact, Guardian Service Industries’ expertise and established track record makes us the leader in maintaining commercial facilities and residential communities throughout the Northeast since 1918. How? It all starts with our Leadership and Team!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Janitorial Solution – Promoting Hand Hygiene

Promoting Hand Hygiene

Does your janitorial vendor have protocols in place promoting hand hygiene? Protocols that they quality control to ensure 100% adoption? Guardian does, in fact all restroom facilities, including those in guest rooms, public areas and back-of-house spaces have appropriate hand soaps and are checked on a daily basis to ensure they are operational. Why? Up to 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch!

Performance Metrics & Measurement
Protocols promoting hand hygiene shall be wholly adopted. QC checks will be used to ensure 100% adoption.

Practices to optimize hand hygiene 
All restroom facilities, including those in guest rooms, public areas and back-of-house spaces shall include
appropriate hand soaps. Per regulations, hand-hygiene notices will be placed in all employee rest rooms. All hand soap and hand sanitizer dispensers are checked on a daily basis to ensure they are operational.